Family we made it!!! And by made it I mean that today is the official blogiversary of I remember how excited I was to launch the blog last year this time. I had spent several months designing the blog’s features, developing content and strategizing my marketing for the big day. By the time Martin Luther King Day rolled around I was ready to explode and share my baby with the world.
Launching on MLK day was symbolic for me because my declaration became real. I had declared my freedom from corporate America and was finally living out my dream for everyone to see.
But let’s be clear, this year was F*$KING hard. I encountered so much turmoil oil that many times I felt like I wanted to give up. The reality was I didn’t have to struggle if I didn’t want to. I could go back to collecting a nice cushiony direct deposit every two weeks like most people do. No sense in whining; my path was all my choice. But as I reflected on that choice and the grace and favor I had been given, I knew that it was not my time to throw in the towel. I hadn’t and still haven’t reached my full potential.
With each setback I was strengthened and empowered to take on the next. I can honestly say that I am more powerful now than I have ever been. This blog has helped me learn more about my strengths and weaknesses than any other challenge in my life. It has helped become more compassionate and discerning. It has helped me find a common thread that connects me with people all over the world. To say I am grateful is an understatement. But if I could find the right word I’d say it a million times. One thing I know for sure, this has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life and I am better because of it. I hope you are too because I share this milestone with all of you.

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  1. Happy blogiversary to you! Keep doing what you do. You are helping folks make goodies for their family. I was new to your blog around the holidays last year. I never made collard greens before, so I checked out your recipe, and they were a hit at my Thanksgiving dinner. I need to try your other dishes, soon.

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