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I’m Meiko, a self-trained home cook, passionate photographer, and the creative force behind this blog.

Born in the heart of Kansas City, my love for BBQ is deeply engrained in my Midwest family roots. From there, life took me to sunny San Diego, where I developed a fondness for Latin cuisine, and fresh, healthy twists on classics. Now, residing in Dallas, I’ve embraced the rich tapestry of Southern cuisine.

Cooking has been a part of my journey since childhood, crafting dishes for my siblings even when we were constantly on the move. The kitchen became my sanctuary, providing healing and a sense of identity as I explored the roots of soul food.

I come from a long line of great family cooks, but unfortunately, no documented recipes. That realization led me to start this blog — a place where I can preserve our family stories and recipes, passing them down to my children and generations to come, and sharing them with you.

Here, you’ll find a diverse array of recipes, reflecting my culinary influences: soul food, comfort food, Southern classics, BBQ, Cajun, Creole, Caribbean, African, and Latin dishes. It’s a celebration of flavors that speak to my varied experiences.

A fun fact: I don’t eat shellfish or pork, so you won’t find those recipes here. All the recipes on this blog are biblically clean, aligning with my personal choices.

Consider this blog your culinary haven — a place where comfort food and communion come together. In my kitchen, comfort food isn’t just about satisfying physical hunger; it’s a flavorful journey through the rich evolution of soul food. And communion, here, is the joy of sharing not just meals but stories, creating a sense of togetherness that extends beyond the dinner table. Join me on this journey, where every recipe is a story, and every meal is an opportunity to connect, savor, and create lasting memories.

In my kitchen, comfort food isn’t just about satisfying physical hunger; it’s a flavorful journey through the rich evolution of soul food.

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love at first bite

It’s not often for people to meet their soulmates over a shared passion, but when I met Kenneth Temple on a food production set in 2016, that’s exactly what happened. Sparks flew, and his hot pursuit (his words) for me began. I haven’t been able to get rid of him since, and after saying our “I do’s” in 2018, I have no plans to change that.

As a published cookbook author, champion of Chopped, food blogger, and award-winning chef, Kenneth’s role as my kitchen partner-in-crime has been instrumental to Meiko and the Dish’s success. He often serves as a recipe developer, taste tester, motivator, and idea generator. Be sure to check him out at KennethTemple.com, where he shares his love of teaching, entertaining and southern creole cuisine.

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